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Follow the last songs played at WPBQ Radio in Jackson, MS. Our music playlist history provides detailed information about the songs we have in the queue and their respective artists. 94.3 FM & 1240 AM station is your preeminent source of top 100 billboard music in the genres of R&B, hip-hop, gospel, blues, pop, unsigned artists, news, and cultural programming.

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OPTION #1 Pay 50.00 Adminstration/Submission Fee


OPTION #2  Submit Song Hope to be Played (Read Below)

If your song is chosen for our Independent radio show we will contact you and you are required to:

1. Follow @WPbQradio on Instagram

2. Post your own design including the WPbQRadio Logo on your attached flyers on Instagram with the hashtags #Splurge943 #WPbQradio and the artist name

3. Download the free app WPbQ Radio in your app store
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WPbQ Radio 94.3FM & 1240AM by Michael Reed

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* For regular rotation your song is required to get a number of thumb ups on the app (The only way to thumb ups a song is to listen on the app while the song is playing) and/or Song Request.

** You can also get in regular rotation by posting the  WPbQ Radio flyer the most in a one week period (minimum post requirements of at least 94 posts with flyer and hashtags #Splurge943, #WPbQradio, and artist name). A team of different people are allowed to help reach those requirements.

*** Interviews are available (We also film in HD and go live on facebook for all interviews) Contact station for details.

Please like our page on Facebook WPBQ Radio and follow on all social media @WPbQRadio.

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