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Follow the last songs played at WPBQ Radio in Jackson, MS. Our music playlist history provides detailed information about the songs we have in the queue and their respective artists. 94.3 FM & 1240 AM station is your preeminent source of top 100 billboard music in the genres of R&B, hip-hop, gospel, blues, pop, unsigned artists, news, and cultural programming.

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Sit back relax and enjoy the smooth sound of Wpbq 94.3 FM & 1240 AM. We are the "Voice of the People"


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Jumpstart your day with a medley of upbeat music played by WPBQ Radio. Spanning from the last decade’s top hits to this day’s most-played songs, our wide selection of playlists will surely have you grooving to the beat all day long. Get more information about our genre of music by reaching us using the number listed on this site.

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